Domestics - Project "VetClinic & Shelter"

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Aim of Project
Providing a medical emergency and treatment facility together with a (recovery) shelter for animals in Marsa Alam (Egypt).

Direct value for individual animals

Since there is no medical treatment option for animals in the whole greater area of Marsa Alam and neighbour cities this institution will finally be able to treat all sorts of injured and sick animals, combined with a shelter to provide the needed space for recovery.

Summary of activities

Establishment and operation of a veterinary clinic and shelter, involvment and education of citizens, tackling with the overpopulation of dogs and cats by sterilising programmes.

Staff & Organisation

VetClinic&Shelter is a particular project of fourgive, Project-Leader is board member&founder Lydia Ackermann, supported by Ahmed Rabea Taher (CEO of Sea2Sand LLC), Narges Hossam and Ingy Rasek of the lawfirm Amereller and many others.

Milestones & goals ahead

20XX Establishment
20XX ...
20XX ...
20XX ... (next goal)


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Contacts&Social Media

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