Project "Turtle Watch Egypt 2.0"

Project Leader Micol Montagna: "Divers and snorkelers living at and visiting the Red Sea can make the difference in our marine turtle watch project!"


Aim of Project
To collect scientific valuable information about endangered marine turtles in the Red Sea in Egypt and to improve their conservation and protection.

Direct value for individual animals
Foreign and local divers and snorkelers can report their turtle sightings in the Red Sea. Every turtle report is analyzed and every individual turtle spotted is identified (using the photo-identification technique) and registered in the TurtleWatch Egypt catalog together with all related information (location, date, activity, health status, etc.). Furthermore, the project monitors the recovery process of injured turtles reported with the support of specialized veterinaries.

Summary of activities
Research & data collection, educational events for dive professionals (training for dive guides and instructors and workshops for speedboat captains), for tourists (in hotels, dive centres, or main office), and kids and school students.

Staff & Organisation
Turtlewatch Egypt is a citizen science programme involving all sorts of sea lovers. Project-Leader is Micol Montagna (I, 1986, Biologist), supported by Abdallah Taher (EG, 1976, PADI MSDT, technical advisor and field assistant), Agnese Mancini (I, 1979, marine biologist, scientific supervisor), Maja Zamencka (PL, 1997, oceanographer, assistant) and Arianna Matuozzo (I, 1996, biologist, assistant).

2011 Project creation under the umbrella of HEPCA
2015 Project restart in collaboration with DZS
2018 Launch of the new and current data collection protocol, a new round of training activities
2021 New round of training events aimed at preventing speed boat collisions
2022 Generous sponsorship by Swiss charity fourgive to boost our project activities and to allow us to: establish our own NGO in Italy, set up our own office in Egypt, significantly expand our team and run a new round of activities addressed to children and tourists as well.

Next goals
Educational events in the Central and Northern areas of the Egyptian Red Sea, and medical support for injured turtles.

Volunteers helping us with the photo identification work.
Students working on their academic internships on marine turtles.

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