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Why the Red Sea Governorate?


The Red Sea Governorate is in the south of Egypt, it is the part between the Nile and the Red Sea.

We (i.e. Viktor&Lydia) ended up spending some time in Marsa Alam in the south of Egypt during the recent pandemic due to pure coincidence. We quickly felt at home due to the welcoming people of Marsa Alam and the magnificent divesites in the Red Sea.

As enthusiastic divers that wanted to learn more about the sea and its inhabitants, we were introduced to TurtleWatch 2.0 in Marsa Alam and took part in one of their presentations. Impressed by their work, we decided to support the project going forward.

Seing all the stray animals in Marsa Alam, I helped as a volunteer with a visiting animal charity from Hurghada, and unexpectedly ended up with a tiny and very sick kitten. We soon realised that the available infrastructure and services for animals could be better, much better. Being unable to find kitten milk, a litter box or a permanent vet in Marsa Alam, we decided to improve that situation. And now, many talks later, we are finally close to opening a new vet clinic in Marsa Alam.

Source: Wikipedia

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