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From February until now, we have together neutered and vaccinated 39 dogs and 70 cats in and around Marsa Alam. The majority of the animals we trapped were females, which have the largest impact on population management.
Assuming that a stray female dog can have 12-18 puppies per year, the 25 female dogs would have given birth to...

After a long waiting period, our windows and (most) doors have finally arrived! Just in time for Eid... So once Eid is over, we hope they are installed quickly, and we can finish the clinic soon.
The first deliveries of our clinic equipment have already arrived, and more is on the way and due to arrive after...

The building is almost finished, we are currently waiting for windows and doors. Once these are installed, we will start furnishing the clinic and get all the medical supplies we will need to go operational.

fourgive evaluated and approved it's first supported project, meeting all of the statutory criterias needed: the Turtle Watch Egypt 2.0 - project aims to a deeper understanding of turtles in the Red Sea by collecting scientific data about them. One of the pros of the project is it's embedding of people outside of the project team, namely divers,...

Our new board met for the first time and got to know each other. Main topics of the meetings were the approval of the organisational rules, discussion of the main focus of the foundation and the creation of the new logo.